Jarrett Stieber

Jarrett Stieber is the chef and owner of the cooking site Eat Me Speak Me. Jerrett’s interest in cooking began when he was 15 years old while watching cooking shows on TV.

Throughout high school, he worked in restaurants. After leaving college in Asheville, NC, he entered culinary school where he did an internship at Restaurant Eugene in Atlanta, and continued working there after graduation.

He worked at famed restaurant Abattoir and says he grew the most as a professional chef at The Empire, where he worked and learned until he left in 2013.

He then began working a pop up with his friends who were doing the same thing, but with coffee. The coffee business eventually left him alone in his pop up, called Eat Me Speak Me, where he worked for 7 years until he finally opened his first restaurant, Little Bear, in 2020.

Little Bear survived the pandemic through successfully  pivoting to take-out. Today, Little Bear is thriving in Atlanta. For the website Eat Me Speak Me he decided to turn it into a website that shares delicious recipes for all those who are passionate or interested in how to create a delicious meal.