1. Celebrated the last Monday EMSM @gato_gato_gato with a huge family style dinner. FRI+SAT+SUN NIGHTS 7-11 PM STARTING THIS WEEK!!!!!!! #eatmespeakme (at Eat Me Speak Me)


  2. Cucumber salad, yung ginger dressing, cherry tomato, viola, panko streusel. TONIGHT @gato_gato_gato 7-11 PM. FINAL MONDAY! EMSM MOVES TO FRI+SAT+SUN NIGHTS THIS WEEK #cukenukem #eatmespeakme (at Eat Me Speak Me)


  3. Wild catfish, turnips, scuppernong, bonito, kale puree, pea shoot. TONIGHT @gato_gato_gato 7-11 PM FINAL MONDAY! EMSM moves to FRI+SAT+SUN STARTING THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!! #cattyshack #eatmespeakme (at Eat Me Speak Me)


  4. Tonight. Drinks by @frankielemmons + @guyfieri. #eatmespeakme #speakeasysunday #inguywetrust (at Eat Me Speak Me)


  5. Some work weeks push you towards the edge, but when you see 125 smiling, laughing happy people together, around food, it’s impossible to forget why you do it. Gotta love it @communityfarmersmarkets! (at bamboo creek farm)


  6. Cooking for @communityfarmersmarkets over the open fire


  7. Late night blondie baking. Dinner for 125 people tomorrow for @communityfarmersmarkets tour de farm. #blondievo #arewenotmen (at Eat Me Speak Me)


  8. @riatan007 wraps beautiful fish and eggs and herbs in pickled daikon like it’s nothing. #baller #myhiro (at Shoya Japanese Restaurant)


  9. Sunday + Monday this weekend then NEXT FRIDAY = tastier weekends @gato_gato_gato! #eatmespeakme (at Eat Me Speak Me)


  10. Getting home from work to her new books from Amazon makes a happy bear! ‘Modern Guide to Sherry’ and ‘Death + Co…” Sick cameo @deepthirst! (at The Clermont Lounge)