I’m Jarrett Stieber, my main occupation is a chef. Currently, I am the owner of restaurant Little Bear and the author of cooking site Eat Me Speak Me

I started cooking in restaurants when I was fifteen years old after watching Yan Can Cook as a child and Emeril Live and Iron Chef in high school. Food started to fascinate me so I asked the owner of Alon’s in Morningside, where my dad and I would go for breakfast every Saturday, if I could shadow their chef one weekend and I just kept getting put back on the schedule every week… and never really looked back haha.

It was always either cooking or music for me but cooking was always a steady (albeit it crappy) paycheck so that became the main career trajectory. Ever since I started in restaurants in high school, I knew I loved cooking and could make a living doing it but finally settled in 100% over music a few years into running Eat Me Speak Me, my pop up restaurant before opening Little Bear, in 2020.

Little Bear survived the pandemic through successfully  pivoting to take-out. Today, Little Bear is thriving in Atlanta. For the website Eat Me Speak Me. In 2023, I decided to turn it into a website that shares delicious recipes for all those who are passionate or interested in how to create a delicious meal.


I’ve been featured on a bunch of article, podcasts, etc. These are some of my favorites.

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I has received a Zagat National “30 Under 30” Award, a Zagat National “Rising Chefs” Award, a 2023 StarChefs “Rising Star” Award, and a James Beard Semi-Finalist nod for “Best Chef: SE”, 2023 Young Chef award from Michelin

What You’ll Find Here

As you explore my site, you’ll discover a treasure trove of recipes, tips, and stories that showcase the boundless creativity of the culinary world. Whether you’re seeking to recreate a dish that stirs nostalgia or daring to embark on a new taste adventure, Eat Me Speak Me is here to guide you every step of the way.

Beyond recipes, we offer a rich tapestry of articles, tips, and tutorials that delve into the nuances of cooking. Whether you’re seeking advice on knife skills, exploring the science behind baking, or looking for creative plating ideas, our content is designed to enhance your culinary repertoire and make your time in the kitchen truly rewarding.

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